Week 7 – Research Exercise, and extras to the discussion on Gender and the Orient

Please conduct the following steps for your homework for next week.

How To Research

1. Write down your research topic

Orientalism in the treatment of Japanese- Americans in World War 2

2. List 2-3 words you can use to search your topic

World War Two government policy Japanese-Americans racism

3. Search for these terms in the library catalogue website


Enter the search terms. What do you find?

This is the hardest part! At first, you probably won’t find any useful sources, or any sources at all.

Keep trying!

4. List the words, phrases or titles you found that describe your research topic

“Japanese-American family”

“Japanese American resistance to World War II : executive, legislative, and judicial policies / Rita Takahashi”

5. Write down why these are useful. Give one reason each.

Japanese-American families were put in camps in World War Two. I want to know how the Japanese-Americans were treated, so this is my topic.

Japanese-Americans resisted American policy. I want to learn why American policy is orientalist (how they treated Asians), so this is also my topic.

6. Write down the full title, author and call number

“The managed casualty : the Japanese- American family in World War II / by Leonard Broom and John I. Kitsuse.”
341.3 B87m

Social welfare policy : regulation and resistance among people of color / Jerome H. Schiele, editor.
362.8400973 S678

Go to the library, find the books or articles, and write down the main idea and arguments!

You can also download these instructions as a .pdf here: Week 7 – How To Research

Orientalism in media today?

These are two examples for our discussion about whether orientalism is lessening or changing because of globalization.

1. Clean Bandit – Rather Be ft. Jess Glynne

The main character is an Asian woman who begins to hallucinate about Clean Bandit, the band, who keep appearing in strange places. Is this Orientalist? The band is white and British and chasing her. Or is it anti-Orientalist? The main character is not sexualized. She lives in a normal-looking house and has a family, a pet, and a job. I think this video is an example of how to make an interesting story with people from different cultures, without relying on Orientalist stereotypes. Do you agree?

2. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle – trailer

In this comedy, the main characters are an Indian-American and a Korean-American, who challenge the Orientalist stereotypes they face. However, the movie has sexist humour and reinforces gender stereotypes.

You are not required to watch these videos for the course, but if you are interested in the topic, I encourage you to check them out!


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