Monday, March 30 – Research question examples

For the research question:

Your name, student number, date, class

Research question. Please make it a direct question.

Studying orientalism in media, movies and tv programs, because I want to find out how Koreans understand southeast Asia, in order to understand South East Asia from a Korean angle.

What aspects of South East Asia do I want to understand Korea’s relationship with?

– migrant labour

– marriage

– refugees

I’m studying consumer spending habits because I want to find out how orientalism influences consumer spending, in order to figure out…

– which country?

– what kind of item?

– when?

– what sources? e.g. business newspaper?

Having lived in Australia, I want to find out what is the effect of multiculturalism on Australian national identity, and how have Australians constructed ‘The Other’?

– government banking policies against Chinese

I will trace orientalism in Western movies because I want to find out how directors represent through characters in movies, in order to understand whether the fashion intended by directors show us accurate and appropriate meanings.

– orientalism and fashion in Hollywood/western movies.

– define “meanings”. What’s an accurate meaning?

– choose 2-3 movies. compare.

I am studying different roles that Hallyu stars play in Western and Eastern film because I want to find out orientalism still exists in the films.

– which film or films? What appearance of orientalism would you like to look at?

I am studying orientalism in western games because I want to find out how Asian culture is portrayed in western games, in order to understand how Asian characters show up in western computer games.

– e.g. ninjas, Japanese culture. How is Japanese culture represented in western computer games? What do these games get right and wrong? Why?

I’m studying about orientalism in Disney animation because I want to find out how orientalist factors are reflected in film. How the trend of orientalism in animation changes as time passes.

– Mulan and Kung Fu Panda.

“Compare and contrast”

I am studying the Hallyu effect in Kazakhstan, in order to understand how good or bad this effect is.

– which aspects?

– what is the positive or negative impact?


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